Tagliatelle With Prawns and Fresh Peppers

Written by Giorgos Erotokritou
Category: Pasta recipes Date: Saturday, 16 September 2017 12:57


Ingredients :


  • 1 Packet of Tagliatelle Melissa
  • 1 Vegetable cube
  • 12 Medium prawns (peeled and clean)
  • 3 Table spoon olive oil
  • 1 Onion finely chopped
  • 1 Garlic clove finely chopped
  • ½ Green pepper cut into strips
  • ½ Red pepper cut into strips
  • ½ Yellow pepper cut into strips
  • ¼ Vodka
  • ½ Cup white wine
  • 1 Cup fresh cream
  • Finely chopped Parsley
  • Salt & Pepper





Method :


Cook the Tagliatelle Melissa in a man of boiling water with the vegetable cube as per instructions on packet. The Tagliatelle Melissa should be cooked "Al Dente". When cooked strain and add a little olive oil to Tagliatelle Melissa to avoid from sticking and leave to cool. In a sausepan heat the ollive oil and saute the prawns, onion and garlic. Add all the peppers and saute for another 1-2 minutes. Add the vodka and allow to flame (this should go out after 30 seconds) and add wine. When wine has reduce add the fresh cream, salt and pepper and leave the sause simmer and thicken (on a low heat). When the sause is ready add the Tagliatelle Melissa, the finely chopped parsley and toss well (mix well) and serve.